Sandeep Vanga is criticize for their recent film animal

Sandeep Vanga know's for their 3 films Arjun Reddy, Kabir Singh and Animal

Arjun Reddy is release on 2017 and collect 51 crore 

Kabir Singh is release on 2019 and collect 379 crore 

Animal is release on 2023 and collect 900 crore 

Arjun Reddy is criticized for its adult scenes in Animal film, and the Indian board has declared this film as an adult film.

The ex wife of the Amir Khan say that Animal is pomoting the harassment against women

sandeep vangas reply to ex wife of amir first see the Amir's dil movie and then we talk on the Animal 

sandeep vangas say in there film Dil Amir also disrespect the women power